Route Profitability and Cost Management

Megabyte’s Almira can provide vital information to an airline’s top management, decision makers and anyone else within the company who requires multi-faceted statistical and financial reporting for management accounting, budgeting, planning and forecasting purposes.

With the voluminous amount of data that airline operating systems generate, it is usually hard to sort this information in the appropriate formats in order to derive detailed route economics.

The power of Almira lies in the ability to call up all the relevant financial and statistical data and present it in a variety of formats, facilitating multiple cross-referencing scenarios with just a few clicks.

Business Benefits

  • Allows airlines to estimate and predict the profitability of their operation
  • Provides fast and accurate reporting down to flight level for analysis, planning and decision making purposes including:
    • Statistical and Operational
    • Financial and Profitability
  • Provides very short term ROI
    • Eradicates over-billing through accurate invoice reconciliation
    • Creates more accurate accruals provisioning
    • Helps create most efficient and profitable network plan
  • Supports supplier contract management

Operational Benefits

  • Extends the power of an airline’s core applications and ERP
    • Integrates the airline’s business applications into a consolidated platform
    • Synchronises data from existing systems creating one centralized database
  • Produces fast and accurate operational budgets based on
    • Live contractual supplier rates
    • Traffic forecasts and revenue rates
    • Flight schedules
  • Enhances workflow and facilitates accounting practices
    • Automatic accruing
    • Seamless accounting
    • Electronic invoices reconciliation
    • Self billing

For an overview of our solution, please click here to view Almira video.