Budgeting and Forecasting

Once flight schedules for a financial year have been defined, the airline may summon the budget process. The process estimates the expenses incurred and the revenue generated by each of the flights within the schedules based on the cost register, revenue fares and forecasted traffic. The budgetary figures may then be exported to an external tool or reported for the airline to decide which of the schedules is most advantageous to operate. The budget figures for flight schedules covering a financial year may be transferred to the General Ledger of the financial system.

Almira includes a reporting function which enables users to generate quotations displaying the various costs involved when operating a flight on a particular day and time, with a particular aircraft. Figures will be based on the latest applicable quotation/ actual rates in the cost register.

Moreover, several scenarios may be simulated, for example; changes in aircraft’s load factor, changes in external factors such as fuel price, and exchange rate fluctuations. Comparison of the various scenarios via the reporting tool, enable an airline’s management to take the best decisions in order to maximise the organization’s profits.