Analysis and Reporting

Almira is a decision support system and no such solution is complete without extensive and flexible reporting capabilities. Apart from a number of in-built Route Economics reports, the data captured through Almira, can also be reported through a reporting or data mining tool.

As part of the Almira solution, we can help you build an extensive data abstraction layer for the airline’s preferred Business Intelligence Tool. Through these tools, non-technical Almira end-users are able to build and format their own queries and reports. The data points available for reporting are both financial and statistical.

Almira extends the power of an airline’s existing systems by providing accurate information, as in-depth as required, right down to a per-flight basis. The flexibility of the reporting tool allows an airline’s management team to produce customised reports according to their business requirements without having to alter existing business processes.

The report tool used in conjunction with Almira offers:

  • a user-friendly interface very similar to popular spreadsheet applications
  • non-technical users the possibility to build and customise their own reports
  • full export support to common file formats such as MS Excel
  • multiple drill-down capabilities allowing focus on data of special interest
  • pivoting of data for cross referencing
  • easy parameterisation of queries
  • the ability to save reports to the database facilitating distribution
  • the option to represent retrieved data in a variety of graphical formats