Almira allows the airline to build up a DOC register by defining expense elements reflecting their suppliers’ contracts. Elements are user-definable and the system sets no limit on the number of elements that can be defined and they may also be categorised. The user defining an expense element shall also be responsible to link the element to the related expense and accrual accounts within the airline’s financial system.

Although Almira can be used as a standalone application, it was designed to interface with the airline’s financial system. Almira can be customised to interface with any financial system that runs on a relational database.

Almira is capable of interfacing with multiple external systems to synchronise existing data, thus eliminating input duplication. For example, when a new DOC supplier account is opened in the financial system, all its relevant information is immediately available to Almira through a seamless interface. Similarly, direct operating costs and flight statistics can be transferred to the financial system according to the airline’s requirements.

With regards to the allocation of non-DOC items, input may be done either from the financial system or from a text file. The system, based on specified conditions will allocate the costs/ revenue over to the operated flights. In this way, a clearer picture of the organization’s profitability may be obtained.