• Expense Register

Direct operating costs (DOCs) can be defined and grouped in a sophisticated expense register. At any time the airline can modify the expense register in order to reflect the Company’s contractual agreements with the various suppliers.

  • Flight Costing

Detailed flight costs are calculated by a complex module using the expense register and flight operation information. The module also supports the computation of enroute charges based on over-flying distances and airspace rates.

  • Fixed and Indirect Costs & Revenue

Fixed and indirect costs are also handled by Almira. These costs may be exported from the financial system into Almira and distributed across the flights based on various allocation criteria. Indirect revenue may also be handled in the same manner.

  • Flight Schedule

Flight scheduling information may be imported into Almira from flight scheduling systems through files in the standard SSIM format.

  • Flight Operating Cost

Following the operation of a flight, direct operating costs are generated based on the expense register and operational information. These costs may be accrued as provisions in the General Ledger.

  • Invoice Reconciliation

Reconciliation of supplier invoices is carried out through Almira. Since these costs accrue in several currencies, the airline is also able to monitor its foreign currency exchange exposure. Invoices available electronically can also be reconciled automatically.

  • Automatic Billing

Self-billing arrangements can be made with the suppliers and invoices will be posted automatically to the financial system without the need for manual reconciliation.

  • Provisional Revenue Calculations

At the end of a financial period, the revenue for some of the operated flights within the period may still not be available. Almira is capable of generating provisional traffic revenue estimates for such flights based on the recent historical revenue data. This detail may also be transferred to the financial system. Once the actual revenue data is available, the system will automatically update estimates with actual data.

  • Route Profit Reporting

Almira can produce complete route economics reports.

  • Fixed costs are calculated by the system based on the operated flight and the contracted rates entered by the user.
  • Revenue may be calculated or imported from another system.
  • Indirect expenses can be imported and allocated to the operated flights so that the contribution of the various routes (also available at flight level) can be determined.
  • Forecasting

Budget traffic-related statistics based on previous years can be produced. Airlines using a forecasting tool may import the forecasting information produced by the tool into Almira to be used in the budgeting process.

  • Budgeting

Route operating budgets based on flight schedules can be produced. Once approved, a budget scenario may be transferred to the General Ledger through a seamless interface.

  • Catering

The cost register is dedicated to generating costs based on any catering requirements allocated to any operated flight. These costs are based on specific conditions such as seat types, flight times and flight zones allowing the system to generate very accurate catering accruals.